Roberto Nalda

Roberto Nalda studied Graphic Design at the Massana School of Barcelona, between 1986 and 1991. He combined his working mornings with his attendance to classes in the evening. Once he had finished his studies, he joined different studios and agencies so as to get experience and complete formation. He carried out several tasks such as maquetting/layout, design and art direction.

In 1996 he returns to Logroño, and opens his own studio. Since then, 14 years have passed in full dedication to a job done with passion because, as he says, he is too lucky to do what he most likes.

He also likes talking to clients, listening to them, understand their needs and find solutions so as to convey a clear message with an attractive and efficient design. Talking to the photographer, illustrator or any other working collaborator is also essential because he knows that teamwork is basic for the best result.

Roberto Nalda´s studio is small but active. And he likes it to be like that so as to lead his projects personally and also to be able to easily adapt them to budgets and time limits. And above all, this lets him maintain a direct contact with the client, which he thinks is fundamental.

He makes editorial design, graphic images for events, logos and corporative images, catalogues, design of exhibitions; being institutions, public administration and enterprises his main clients.

He likes paintwork, dance, theatre and, above all, photography. All in all, any subject which can be used to express something.

He also likes to say that the best project is still to come…

Portales 10, 2º
26001 Logroño
La Rioja

941 26 17 59

e-mail address


  • Winning bill of the XXXIst Theatre Festival of El Ejido, 2008
  • Finalist to the Anuaria Awards in the category of Best advertising catalogue. 2008
  • Winning bill of the 53rd edition of Logroño´s vintage. 2009